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Forward Thinking …

As we embark upon a new association year, it feels good to be looking ahead… to be forward thinking! While we are still battling a global pandemic, we are not in the same boat as last year. With vaccinations, a continued body of evidence-based practice on how to fight the COVID-19 virus, and improved knowledge on how to protect ourselves, offices, patients, and our communities at large, we are poised to shine as communicators and premiere health care providers!  Lessons have been learned and new experiences have been embraced both personally and as a whole. We are truly in this together!  Your SCDHA leadership team has been busy organizing opportunities for networking, learning, and advocacy in an ever-changing environment.  We thank you for your patience and willingness to adapt as needed as we navigate through this time in our history. 


Most of all, I encourage you to get involved.  Whether its face-to face or virtually, strengthening relationships among dental hygienists is key to collaborative unity. As you might have noticed, dental hygiene practice is experiencing real change. Be part of the change—be part of the voice that’s shaping your future profession. Share your knowledge, expertise, and understanding and become an active participant – not a passive observer - of your future.  It’s an important time to be involved, to stay up-to-date, and be part of the conversations taking place that are shaping the dental hygiene profession.  Only collectively can WE continue to be an influence in oral/dental health policy, interdisciplinary power, and decision making – and we need YOU to help us progress!


Don’t miss out – we have many opportunities for you to get involved.  Reach out to me, or any of the SCDHA leadership team, to see how you can get better involved in SCDHA and your profession.  


Always forward thinking …  


Jamillee Krob, DHEd, MPH, RDH


From the State Dental Board of Ohio

The Board recently amended OAC rule 4715-8-01(B) to require dentists and dental hygienists to obtain a minimum of two (2) hours of continuing education per biennium pertaining to the prescribing of opioids for acute, subacute, and chronic pain. This requirement applies to the 2020-2021 and 2022-2023 biennium only. 


You may be wondering why RDHs would be included in this mandate.  Although RDHs are not licensed to actually prescribe, they are definitely responsible for assessing/updating patient medical history and clinical assessments, including recognizing acute, subacute, and chronic pain and patterns/potential for addiction.  RDHs are included in patient treatment planning concerning pain management (e.g. local anesthetic).  Ultimately, RDHs are directly involved with patient safety and education, so the importance of this educational requirement cannot be overstated. 

Licensees should ensure they meet this continuing education requirement during each biennium. You may view OAC rule 4715-8-01(B) here: 


If you would like more information regarding other continuing education requirements, please visit the “Education & Renewal” tab of our website here: 


Permissible Practices Documentation for Dental Hygienists

Please be advised that the Ohio State Dental Board (OSDB) requires every dental hygienist to provide and maintain specific documentation in each office or facility in which they are employed. The documentation does NOT need to be filed with the OSDB, but must be maintained at each place of employment in their employee file. Please click here for the Permissible Practices Documentation for Dental Hygienists.


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